Our Staff


Our Staff

Forest Hills Baptist Church Staff

Profile image of Justin Deeter

Justin Deeter

Senior Pastor

Office: 252-243-4149
Website: www.justindeeter.com
Facebook: jdeeter
Twitter: @justindeeter

Justin is the Senior Pastor at Forest Hills Baptist Church. He is married to his wife Kaitlyn and is the father to Jude and Ellie Grace.  Justin has been at Forest Hills Baptist Church for six years serving and loving the people of our church. Justin is also currently working on his PhD in Historical Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Justin also blogs at www.justindeeter.com.

Profile image of Tramond Duckworth

Tramond Duckworth

Children's Ministry Director

Office: 252-243-4149
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tramond.duckworth

Tramond Duckworth serves as the Children's Minsitry Director helping in providing a rich soil for our children to grow strong roots of faith. He is a student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and enjoys discussing theology and life application.  Tramond and his wife Fleurztael have two boys, Tyenn and Titus. One of his great joys: "spending lazy days at home with the family."

Profile image of Grayson  Gibson

Grayson Gibson

Interim Youth Director

Office: 252-243-4149
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grayson.gibson.50

Grayson is currently a student at the College at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, studying Pastoral Ministry. He is married to Nicole Radford. Some of his hobbies include fishing, long boarding, and spending time with students. His favorite book is the Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. 

Profile image of Cindy Petway

Cindy Petway

Church Secretary

Office: 252-243-4149

Cindy Petway serves as our Church Secretary. She faithfully serves in the church office answering the phones, scheduling appointments, and countless other activities that help keep the church running.

Profile image of Caryn Poole

Caryn Poole

Facilities Manager

Office: 252-243-4149

Caryn manages the facilities and their usage at Forest Hills Baptist Church. From cleaning, to setup, to maintenance, and beyond, she does an excellent job keeping up with the property of the church. 

Profile image of Susan Currie

Susan Currie


Office: 242-243-4149

Susan has been serving our congregation in music for over twenty years. She is a gifted organist and pianist and is happily married to her husband George.

Profile image of Wendy Peterson

Wendy Peterson


Office: 252-243-4149

Wendy serves as our church pianist working with our music teams to lead us in worship.